Chutes and doubts

If you’re thinking that a Camino pilgrimage starts either with spiritual enlightenment or some sort of drama, sadly you’re mistaken. Like any long trip, especially overseas, it starts with a series of totally mundane steps through multiple airports, passing through countless check-ins and controls. It’s enough to make me thrill at the thought of just walking without moving sidewalks, escalators or human versions of cattle chutes. For the illusion of speed and glamour of air travel, we’ve certainly sacrificed a lot of our individual dignity. 
True confession: Starting the day before my departure, a sense of self-doubt showed it’s frightened head. Suddenly I remembered my age, just months shy of seven decades, and thought, “who am I to undertake a very long walk in a country I don’t know at all?“ Then a German childhood friend called and said simply, “you’re a very lucky man, in all respects but especially good health, that you can even think to undertake this.” Nancy is equally encouraging and, above all, supportive, so indeed I’m lucky. Remembering that, I suppress the doubt. In the meantime, many of you have also sent words of encouragement. And now, sitting in the Madrid airport, waiting for the short flight to Lisbon, it’s really too late to back out.

6 thoughts on “Chutes and doubts

  1. Sending prayers and encouragement! And I admit to a teeny bit of envy, as I am barely walking to the kitchen until I get my new knee. Enjoy! Looking forward to your posts.


  2. Very impressive undertaking, Tony. Once you start the real journey, I believe all your doubts will dissolve. Safe hiking.


  3. I’m sure your worries will pass after a short time on the trail Tony. I am only 3 days away from my Camino and I have the same thoughts. We are fortunate to even be able to consider such an adventure. Good luck, Buen Camino and thanks for taking us along for the ride. Great blog BTW. Jim


  4. Reading backward Tony! Just saw this today after reading your walk in the dark through tomato fields. Now I’m watching the annual tomato fight that happens in Spain each year on The Today Show!
    You’re my hero! I can only hope I could be doing what you’re undertaking in 9 years by myself…I don’t think I’m that brave! Blessings.


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